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Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition is the total processes by which food becomes part of the body. Nutritional status is the state of the body due to the intake and use of nutrients. The nutrition assessment gathers data to logically identify physical, psychological, social, and economic assets and liabilities in regards to one’s nutrient intake.

Taking control of your health is a choice we all have. Leaving our health in the hands of others leaves us vulnerable and disconnected from our own bodies. Decreasing the risk of disease, healing illness, weight loss naturally and keeping it off are all positive effects with nutrition counseling.  Being sick does not have to be a lifestyle. Take control of your health today!



Initial Consultation

 60 minutes

This appointment will help determine what is the best treatment plan for your specific nutrition goals. Whether it is to lose weight, gain weight, combat allergies, food sensitivities, disease prevention, or if you currently have health conditions such as diabetes, or heart disease that you need a more specific treatment plan and education on.              $70



30 minutes

After the initial consultation follow-up appointments are necessary to ensure goals are worked toward and reached. Education on implementing lifestyle changes to your abilities is addressed. Assessment throughout the nutrition process helps in one’s support for a healthier life.            $40


8 Week Consulting Program

Includes initial consultation (60 minutes)

and 4 follow up 30 min. appointments every two weeks $200

Children ages 4-12       $120


12 Week Consulting Program

Includes initial consultation (60 min)

and 6 follow ups every two weeks (30 min each)  $280

Children ages 4-12           $180



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